Montag, 7. Juni 2010


For the past 40-odd years, Westerners have been under immense pressure to adopt ideologies and a way of life which are very different from what they have traditionally subscribed to. This has been introduced through a number of means, including the effort to convince dissidents that they are insane, and providing mental health treatment and psychiatric drugs for these "emotional disturbances." The mainstream media also plays a big role in promoting this agenda, which includes surrounding everybody with a bombardment of TV shows, movies, books, and other materials which present the New World Order as the only way, and seems to have the intention of making everybody with opposing views feel alone and isolated under the new arrangement. Talk shows are rarely a respectful exchange of views, but rather an opportunity for those with the "correct" opinions to yell insults at those who don't. The school system is also a messenger of the new morality. This applies to all public schools from preschool to university, and a considerable number of private schools. As the schools have became more interested in preaching ideologies than focusing on academia, academic standards have fallen, along with the academic achievements of the students.

When the Soviet Union collapsed, most people believed that it meant that Communism would no longer pose a threat to the Western world. Although Communism lost the battle for the world economic system, it seems to have won the battle for influencing social life around the world. One example is that Communism's view towards women seems to be predominating. In the Soviet Bloc, women were required by law to leave their children in day care and join in the workforce. When it happened back then in the Communist world, it was viewed as unjust by the Democratic world. Today, there is an attempt to brainwash women into believing that they're somehow missing out on something if they don't put their child in a day care center and go to outside jobs. Another popular Communist idea is that the government and other institutions are more fit for raising children than the parents, with the idea being to institutionalize children at an ever younger age. There are some politicians who would make it law for a 3-year-old to attend preschool. It's worth remembering that many supporters of the "68er" movement which introduced today's ideology admired known Communist leaders like Josef Stalin and Fidel Castro.

The increasing popularity of atheism is another sign of the Communist Era's influence on the West. The schools have been very active in this effort, attempting to remove all signs of religion in the school, whether it be removing school prayer or presenting evolution as fact. There are all sorts of arguments refuting evolution. Remember when the Ten Commandments were banned from a courtroom? And there have recently been best-selling books promoting atheism. The predominating moral code also reflects a strong atheistic influence.

The sacredness of intimacy is devalued while the physical act itself receives enormous priority. Many regard intimate fullfillment as the most important thing in the world, regardless of the human costs of disease, unwanted pregnancies, failed marriages, and broken homes. Fifty years ago it was taken for granted that the father was the provider of the family. Today, many kids don't have fathers. There are also many social circles in which one is considered strange if they don't want to get drunk. Although drunkenness has existed since Mesopotamia, it's only recently that the practice has became so popular amongst groups of women in Western countries. The expectation that people get drunk even extends in some cases to an expectation that they get high on drugs.

For hundreds of years, the current state would have been considered unimaginable. Today, it's viewed as unavaoidable and irreversible. The theme of this blog is to refute some of the claims by the Liberal left and to examine how these changes occured. Also, as mental health treatment plays such a major role in modern life, there will also be articles which place therapy and psychiatric drugs in a critical light.